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� Who we are
   Founded in 1949, B.A.D.R. S.A. is the company with the greatest experience in selling bearings in the entire Romanian industry. Until 1989 it was the only company with that profile in the country.
However, the passage of time has not affected our name; BADR continues to represent the most important distributor of bearings in Romania.

� Development
   In 1983, a new warehouse was inaugurated, assuring a mechanized vertical storage of the bearings, having in use 16 industrial elevators for bearings.

� Top development
   In 1989, BADR Brasov was supplying bearings to over 2,000 customers, from various activity sectors: industry, agriculture, equipment maintenance and repair, as well as for the state reserve, playing a very important role in the economic life of the country.

� Stock company
   In 1990, BADR was changed into a stock company, being enlisted at the Registry of Commerce on the 1st of January 1991, according to Law no. 31/1991.

� Our mission
   The main objective of our company is to satisfy to the highest level our customers, putting at their own disposal our tradition and whole experience in the en-gross and en-detail commerce with bearings of indigenous or imported origin.
The selling activity of bearings is sustained and completed by:
   - national distribution networkof bearings, with representation on the whole country's territory, through our of branches and shops network, as well as through our regional sales agents
   - en-detail commerce through our shops: Brasov, Pitesti, Targu Jiu and Suceava
   - specialized personnel in the bearings' field that can guide the customer towards the best choice.

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